Please forgive us that some of our publications have no English translation. However, we are in the process of doing so. Should you know Arabic and be interested in helping us, feel free to contact us in regards of volunteering in this project.

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Publications of Sexual Harassment campaign

Why Are We Here? One of sexual harassment publications that were distributed at the May 18th, 2007 event in Sakyat El-Saway Culture Wheel. It contains stories about women who experienced harassment, a summary of ECWR’s campaign activities and objectives, background information on the beginning of the sexual harassment campaign, and what have to do if you are harassed. TAKE ACTION … Continue reading

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Leaflet on Political Participation

The leaflet addresses the concept of political participation; the importance of women’s participation in political life; the meaning of an individual-based voting system; what is a campaign platform; how many members are in the People’s Assembly; the difference between the seat for laborers/farmers and the seat for others; the People’s Assembly term limits; the role of the People’s Assembly; the … Continue reading

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