Celebration of First International Day of Girl Child “Because I’m a girl”

(Cairo, 10th of October, 2012) In cooperation with the organization Plan International Egypt, ECWR is participating in an initiative entitled “Because I am a girl” that will be launched with a celebration. Many NGOs will participate in this celebration.
It is worth mentioning that this initiative aims to improve the Egyptian women’s status as well as the girl child in order to:

  • Pay attention to the challenges are faced by girls because gender or age.
  • Highlight the girl under 18 years old are the most marginalized groups in the world.
  • Advocate the rights of girls to have great interest in the upcoming decades, whether in Egypt or the world.

Believing that, if there are appropriate conditions that help girls to obtain education, nutrition and protection; they will participate actively and make a beneficial change in her society.
This Celebration comes under an initiative entitled “Because I Am A Girl” launched by the organization Plan International Egypt. This initiative is the biggest global campaign that aims to eliminate gender inequality, support the rights of the Girl Child, and eradicate poverty of millions of girls. The Girl who obtain a good education and healthy nutrition and feels protection, has the ability to participate with her knowledge and skills
with her family and society to change a future of a nation.
The event will be held on Thursday 11th of October 2012 at 05:00PM at Salah El-Deen Al-Ayouby Citadel. The celebration will be initiated with a press conference to introduce the campaign an its aims and future plans then will be accompanied by a youth celebration

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