The 1st Report: the 3rd round of the People’s Assembly Elections 2011

Guide voters, Collective voting, Continuation of illegal propaganda and Prevent the monitors to do their mission inside the districts

The ECWR’s operations room follows up the third phase of the 2011 People’s Assembly election s from a gender perspective in the following governorates: Minya, Qalyubia, Gharbia, Dakahlia, North Sinai, South Sinai, Marsa Matruh, Qena, and New Valley.
All together 280 female candidates ran in the third round of the elections, of which 80 place their name on the individual lists and 200 were included on the party-list ballots

ECWR’s operations room received some complaints through its observers in the governorates of the third round. The violations are as follows:


  • In the 2nd district, the primary school of Safanaya village, polling station no 3, the voting process started at 7:15 am.
  • In the 3rd district, the New Secondary school for Girls, polling stations No 116, 117, 118,it is allowed to enter more than one female voter inside the polling stations, there is only one curtain in each polling stations.
  • In the 2nd district, institute Azhri, there is no curtain for voting behind it, also the voting sheets are not stamped in the polling station 1224, and the rest polling stations opened at 8:55 am.
  • In the 3rd district, El-Qaomaya Miniya school, polling stations 70 and 71, the judge absent for 15 manumits for prying and left the polling stations to the deputies (this school includes 7 polling stations.)
  • In the 2nd district, Trade Secondary School, the School includes 20 polling stations; the female voters are guided to vote for the candidate of Freedom and Justice Party.
  • In the 3rd district, Military Secondary School, polling stations no 100 and 103, the judge refused to enter the ECWR’s observer inside the polling station.
  • In the 2nd district, El-Sanqoraya, Bani Mazar area, polling station no 567, El-Nour party and the Freedom and Justice Party distributed electoral propaganda.
  • In the 2nd district, in front of El-Salam Primary School, polling station no 159 and 164, the deputies of the Freedom and Justice Party entered with the voters inside the polling stations and marked on behalf of them in the voting sheets.


  • In El-Amaraya Primary school, El-Qanater area, the voting didn’t start until 09:30 am.
  • In the 1st district, El-Fateh Preparatory school, polling station no 103, the polling station opened 8:15 am.
  • In the 2nd district, in front of Hassan Madbouly Primary School, there is election propaganda inside the polling station on behalf of the Freedom and Justice Party and El-Nour party individual 928 and 926 and four polling stations party list 1862 and 1861.
  • In the 1st district, Toukh area, in front of the High Dam Primary school, there are 4 polling stations don’t hang the list of voters on the door of the polling stations which led to the candidates to get computers to provide this service for voters and influence on their voting on behalf of them and that is happening in front of the polling stations.
  • In the 1st district, in front of the Lady Aisha Primary School, the deputies of El-Nour party made election propaganda inside the polling stations and the Freedom and Justice made the election propaganda in front of polling station, the military and the police didn’t make any objection.


  • In the 4th district, El-Tarbaya El-Fekraya School, polling stations no 16 and 30, deputies of the Freedom and Justice Party influence on the willing of the female voters inside and outside the polling stations.
  • In the 3rd district, The Preparatory Muslim School, El-Nour party distributed election propaganda in front of the polling stations of the school.
  • In the 5th district, a group of schools in Zefta, the polling stations opned at 9:00 am, which including Amr Ibn El-Aas experimental school, Othman Ibn Afan Primary school, Ali Abu Taleb School, Ahmed Oraby primary school, and Fatma El-Zahra’a primary school.
  • In Ali Abu Taleb School, polling station no 49, there is a veiled woman ( wear a niqab) influence the willing of female voters and the female and male deputies of El-Nour party distributed election propaganda on behalf of their party.
  • In the 4th district, in front of El Tarbaya ElFekraya school, Mahala city, ythe female voters were lobbied in cars no 6798 on behalf of the freedom and Justice Party.
  • In El Tarbaya ElFekraya school, polling stations no 24, Mahala City, one of the employee in the polling station talked with a illiterate female voter in aggressive way saying” who knows nothing .. He should sit in his home”.
  • In the 1st district, El-Shahed El-Sharkawy primary school, there is an influence on the willing of female candidates on behalf of El-Nour party.
  • In the 5th district, in front of a group of schools, the deputies of the Freedom and Justice Party have laptops and they try to influence on the willing of the female voters and the Party drew their symbols, The Balance and the fish, on the wall of the schools.
  • In the 2nd distrit, Kafr El-Zayat School for Girls, deputies from El-Nour and Freedom and Justice parties recived the female voters especially the old women and carry them inside the polling stations and they tell them to vote on behalf of their parties.


  • In the second district, El-Abour Primary school, polling station no 170 and 171, the deputies of El-Nour party distributed election propaganda in front of the polling stations.
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