The 2nd Report: the 3rd round of the People’s Assembly Elections 2011

Lobbying women, buying votes, and directing female voters

The ECWR’s operations room follows up the third phase of the 2011 People’s Assembly elections from a gender perspective. During the first day of voting, ECWR received many complaints and violations as follows:

  • In the 3rd district Qasem Amen School, polling stations no 361 and 362, the female voters were directed to vote on behalf of the candidates of the Freedom and Justice Party.
  • In the 2nd district, El Adawy Commerce school, polling station no 303 and 304, there is election propaganda inside the polling stations, the voters refrained to put their fingers in the phosphoric ink.
  • In the 3rd district, El Sadr Hospital School, polling station no 140, there is a voting sheet of the individual and another one of party list stuck on the door of the polling station. When the observers objected on that, the employees of the polling station said to them that’s to facilitate for the voters to know what is on the paper before voting. At 4:45 PM.


  • In the 3rd district, Mahala City, in front of the polling station of Moa’saat El-Gomohorya School, the deputies of the Freedom and Justice Party used “ballot stuffing” for guiding female voters to vote for this party.
  • In the 1st district, El-Qawemaya El-Arabya Primary School, the deputies of the Freedom and Justice Party and El-Nour Party pressure on the female voters to cast their votes for their symbol which are; the balance and the lantern, and not cast their votes for others parties such as El-Wafed.
  • In the 5th district, El-Mehanaya Preparatory School , polling stations no 22 and 23, one of the deputies of ballot boxes pressure on the female voters to vote on behalf of the candidate no 2 in the individual voting sheet, in addition to the female deputies of the Freedom and Justice party and El-Nour party influence on the female voters inside and outside the polling stations.
  • In the 1st district, El-Saida Eisha Preparatory School, there is lobbing for female voters by cars on behalf of the Freedom and Justice party with the cars numbers are 5251 and 8276 ( (ع ن ص / 2525 ، ع ن ا / 6528
  • In the 1st district, Shabsheer Primary School, El-Nour Party used “ballot stuffing” for guiding the female voters to vote for this party.


  • In front of Osama Ibn Zaid Primary school, Shoubra El-Khima, the deputies of the Freedom and Justice party and the Reform and the Development Party hinder the lines of voters through standing in a long time until the voters get angry.
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