The victory of the Revolution shall be achieved by Preserving human rights and not by repealing them

(Cairo, April 7, 2011) The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights and the Egyptian Coalition for Civil Education and Women’s Participation follow up the regressive calls for repealing the social laws in Egypt such as the personal status code and the children’s code in a great worry.
These codes were previously amended in order to guarantee the rights of human-beings, including women and children. Those amendments did not reach the extent of an approval of the rights of women and children as fully eligible citizens. This matter needs a social discussion that aims at achieving the principles of human rights for which the Egyptian people lead by young men and women were calling for in the 25th of January Revolution.
We assure that such calls for repealing laws come in the course of distorting the Egyptian Revolution and its principles. Such voices found a chance to distort the revolution and ruin its social gains instead of developing the society socially and economically and instead of taking into account the issues of educational and legislative reform, including the victory of the revolution.
We are calling on the military council, the transitional government, all concerned people and civil organizations in Egypt to take a clear stance against such regressive powers and to assure the principles of democracy and human rights.
We are also calling for the assurance of not abandoning the social gains with the pretext that those laws are laws of Mrs. Suzan or Jihan or others; a lot of intellectual people in the Egyptian society, whether men or women, fought for decades for these social gains. Such a pretext is an insult to all the free organizations that worked for social reform in Egypt, because the real victory of the revolution is represented in the preservation of human rights and not in the repeal of these rights.

Non-governmental organizations that are included in the Egyptian Coalition for Civil Education and Women’s Rights:
N. Association Governorate
1 The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights Helwan
2 Andalus institute for tolerance and anti-violence studies Cairo
3 Association of Human Communication Cairo
4 Health and Environmental Culture Society Cairo
5 Egyptian Medical Women’s Association Helwan
6 Citizen’s Society for Development and Human Rights Giza
7 Vision Society for Enlightenment and Community Development El Menia
8 Association of population development and the preservation of the environment Cairo
9 The Egyptian Society for Marketing and Development Cairo
10 With You Society for Social Assistance Cairo
11 Gozour Society for the comprehensive Development Helwan
12 The Egyptian Society for Family Empowerment Helwan
13 The Legislative Association in Bakri Mastour Giza
14 Pioneers Society for Development Qalioubia
15 Al Zohor Association for Development 6th of October
16 Society Development Association in Sakil 6th of October
17 The Egyptian Association for Environmental and Humanitarian Development Al Qualiubia
18 Our Society Association for Development and Human Rights Giza
19 Association of Women and Child Development Al Qualiubia
20 The legislative Association in Saa’d Zaghlol Al Qualiubia
21 Legal Association for the support of Family and Human rights Cairo
22 Mary Girgis Youth Association Cairo
23 Hope Association in Al Aslougy Sharkia
24 Women for Development Association 6th of October
25 The Egyptian Association for Defend and support Helwan
26 Ayatollah Association Giza
27 Economic Liberalization Association Cairo
28 Family Care Association Giza
29 Al Sharkia Youth Association Al Sharkia
30 Al Mashrek Association for Population Development Sharkia
31 Cairo Center for Development Giza
32 Kelmetna Association for Dialogue and Development Cairo
33 Al Tathkif Alfekry Association Port Said
34 Frasis Charitable Association for Society’s Development Gharbia
35 Al Hayat Association in Zifta Gharbia
36 The Forum of Dialogue and Partnership for Development Giza
37 Future Association for Development Aswan
38 Nahdet el Fayuom Association Fayuom
39 The Association of the interested people in education and development Fayoum
40 Al Tanweer Centre for Development and Human Rights Giza
41 The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Cairo
42 Nama’a Association for Development and Human Rights Al Gharbia
43 Hawaa Future Association Giza
44 Ismailia Generations for Development Association Ismailia
45 Haq Center for Democracy and Human Rights Cairo
46 Association for the Support and Development of Education Giza
47 New Fustat Association Cairo
48 Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights Cairo
49 Bint Al Nil Association Cairo
50 Kirtas Masr Association Cairo
51 Egyptian Democratic Institute Cairo
52 Oioun Masr Association for human rights Gharbia
53 Shoa’a Association for Development and Human Rights Studies / under construction Giza
54 I am Egyptian Association Cairo
55 Red Crescent Association Sohag
56 Human Rights Association Assiut
57 Al Hana Women’s Association Cairo
58 Friends of Youth and the environment Qaliubiya
59 Center of Children’s rights Cairo
60 Konouz Association for Development Kafr El- Sheikh
61 The Arab dream Association Kafr El-Sheikh
62 Community Development Association in Zafarana Kafr El-Sheikh
63 Alrob’ Charitable Association Kafr El-Sheikh
64 Social Welfare Association Kafr El-Sheikh
65 Resala association Kafr El-Sheikh
66 Craft Projects Development and small Industries Association Desouk
67 Bint El Riaydh Association Kafr El-Sheikh
68 Said Salem Society Development Association Kafr El-Sheikh
69 The National Center for Human Rights Kafr El-Sheikh
70 Association of modern women Kafr El-Sheikh
71 The Egyptian Center for Creativity and development and training Cairo
72 Middle East Media Association Cairo
73 Women and Development Association Alexandria
74 Tanweer Center Association El Menia
75 Center for the defenders of human rights Cairo
76 Our Dream Foundation for comprehensive Development Qaliubia
78 Nahdet Misr Association El Menia
79 El Sabr ei El Eman Association Helwan
80 Dakahlia people Association Helwan
81 Association of cities of steel Helwan
82 Egyptian media professionals Gharbia
83 The Arab Center for Creativity and Development Cairo
84 Future Businesswomen Association Kafr Elsheikh
85 Regional Federation for Associations Gharbia
86 Shehab Foundation for Comprehensive Development Foundation Cairo
87 Seekers of Society Development Association Fayuom
88 Association of Social Care for the specific Categories Helwan
89 Arab Women Association for Development Ismailia
90 Hayat Center Evangelical Doubbara Palace Cairo
91 National Association for Youth Rights Cairo
92 Civil Association for Children Cooperation Cairo
93 Tijan Association for Society Development Ismailia
94 Society Development Association in Bahnsa El Menia
95 El Ghad El Moushreq Association for the Differently needed and Development
96 Association of Industrial Development Science for the Crafts
97 National Youth Association Helwan
98 Today Youth Association (Shabab El Hoyum) Helwan
99 Fayuom’s Sons Association for Development Helwan
100 Human Lovers Association Helwan
101 Society Association for Development in Shaloufa Suez
102 Coast people Association for Society Development Suez
103 Fransis Sons Association Gharbia
103 Youth Without Borders Community Cairo
104 Christians young Association Aswan
105 Young, Population and Development Association in Aswan Aswan
106 Afak for Development Association Aswan
107 Resala Association Aswan
108 Bedaya Association Aswan
109 Women’s Renaissance Association Aswan
110 Society’s Development Association Bandaf
111 Society Development Association in Kafr Badran Sharqia
112 New Society Development Association in Jadida Sharqia
113 Masriya Association for Human Resources Sharqia
114 Society Development Association in Magzer Sharqia
115 Society Development Association in Shalshalmon Sharqia
116 Society Development Association in Beni Khalil Sharqia
117 The Coptic Charitable Association in Meet Beshar Sharqia
118 Shahid FeloBatir Association in Kafr Salama Ibrahim Sharqia
119 Society Development Association in Shobra el Enab Sharqia
120 Zohoor el Hayat Association Alexandria
121 El Sendouby Foundation Alexandria
122 Family Planning Association Alexandria
123 The Egyptian Legal and Constitutional Association for Human Rights Alexandria
124 Legal Consultancy Office Cairo
125 Jasmin Association for Development and Social Services Al Qualiubia
126 Muslim Young women Association Bani Suif
127 Local Community Development Association in Al Malahia Bani Suif
128 Environment Protection Association Bani Suif
129 Association of Capacity Support and Development Damietta
130 The Social Defense Association Behira
131 Al Fawakhrya Association North Sinai
132 Nour El Rahman Association in Sendbast Gharbia
134 Society Development Association in Senbat Gharbia
135 Family Care Association in Zefta Gharbia
136 Society Development Association in Damanhour Gharbia
137 Huda Association in Tefahna Gharbia
138 Society Development Association in Tefahna Gharbia
139 Society Development Association in Meshat Hatem Gharbia
140 The Islamic Association for Social Development in Hayatem Gharbia
141 Society Development Association in Kafr Anan Gharbia
142 Social Services Association in Meet Rakha Gharbia
143 Society Development Association in Kafr El Sanadia Gharbia
144 Charitable Association in Shobra Malas Gharbia
145 El Safa Wa El Marwa Association in Zefta Gharbia
146 Society Development Association in Sharshaba Gharbia
147 Society Development Association in Kafr Hanout south Gharbia
148 Society Development Association in Kafr shobra koloug Gharbia
149 Society Development and Association Environment Improvement in Zefta Gharbia
150 El Abrar in Waseef Mosque Gharbia
151 Society Development Association in Shobra El Yemen Gharbia
152 The Charitable Association in Kafr Shobra El Yemen Gharbia
153 Association of Egyptians for Human Rights Gharbia
154 Society Development Association in Fransis Gharbia
155 Al Bar W Al Taqwa Association in Kafr Anan Gharbia
156 Bint Alnil Association Al Minia
157 Shenraq Charitable Association Gharbia
158 Society Development Association in Sandbsat Gharbia
159 Sahm el Seqa Foundation for Social Development Ismailia
160 Heia wi Hoa (She & He) Foundation for Human Development Giza
161 Min Qalb Misr Association Alexandria
162 Society Development Association in Kafr El Dawar Behira
163 Mahasen El Aamal Association Alexandria
164 El Hadeer Charitable Association Alexandria
165 Local Society Development Association in Gabrial Alexandria
166 Nagmet El Zohoor Charitable Association Alexandria
167 Arab Center for Studies Alexandria
168 Future Lawyers Federation Alexandria
169 Cleopatra Charitable Association Alexandria
170 Social Defense Department Alexandria
171 Women Association in Matai El Menia
178 The Women Association in Koum Wali Matai Matai
179 Roaad Association in Matai El Menia
180 Ghad Association in Ashnin Mashasha El Menia
181 Society Development Association in El Gendya Bani Mazar El Menia
182 Bahnasa Association for the Comprehensive Development El Menia
183 Association of Pioneers of Culture House Samalout El Menia
184 The Egyptian Association for Human’s Rights El Menia
185 Amal Association in Bani Mazar El Menia
186 Red crescent Association in Bani Samet El Menia
187 Evangelical Association for Development El Menia
188 Society Development Association in Deer El Senforya El Menia
189 Mary Gerges Association in Matai El Menia
190 El Nour Association for Society Development in Koum Wali Matai El Menia
191 Muslim Youth Association in Koum Wali Matai El Menia
192 Society Development Association in Dokak El Mesk Matai El Menia
193 El Wafaa Association for Development of Bashosha village Samalout El Menia
194 Hai Al Nouras Association Ismailia
195 Society’s Development Association in Al Sab’ Abar Al Sharkia Ismailia
196 Al Nasr Development in Alsamakin Algadida Ismailia
197 Al Fateh Association in Abu Asaker Ismailia
198 Mubarak Association in New Manayef – Rahsed Soliman Ismailia
199 Al Gamal Charitable Associatoin for Society’s development Ismailia
200 Al Sahaba Association in Al Gammalin Manor Ismailia
201 Al Soly Alqebly Association Ismailia
202 Abu Atwa Charitable Association for Society Development Ismailia
203 Association for Society Development in Ein Ghasuin Ismailia
204 Association for combating smoking and Tuberculosis Ismailia
205 Al MAshrek Association for Development and Population Sharkia
206 Health improvement Association Souhag
207 Muslim young women Souhag
208 Al Safa walmarwa Association Souhag
209 Al Masaey Alhamida Souhag
210 Nahdet Baladi Souhag
211 Kafalet Alyateem Association Souhag
212 Alliance for Arab Women Souhag
213 Health improvement Association Souhag
214 Al Kheir Walbaraka Association in Saud Souhag
215 Egyptian Association for Family Controlling Souhag
216 Beish Amer Association for Human Development Souhag
217 Development of local Community Association in Ard Om Bayoumy Qualiubia
218 Young businessmen in Benha Associatoin Qualiubia
219 The legislative Association in Al Bakry Qualiubia
220 Western Association for comprehensive development Qualiubia
221 Social services for development and environment protection Qualiubia
222 Al Sunna Al Mahmodia Association Qualiubia
223 Al Eskan Al Senaey Association Qualiubia
224 Future Association Qualiubia
225 Al Sayeda Zeinab in Al Sail Algadid Aswan
226 Abbas Alakkad for Cultural Association for Society development Aswan
227 Egyptian Family Development Association Aswan
228 Mothers’ Day Association Aswan
229 Abbas Ibn Abdel Mottaleb Association for society development Aswan
230 Society and environment development Association in Al Awaysa village Al Minia – Samallot District
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