The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights Condemns the exclusion of women from being appointed as new governors

(Cairo, April 17, 2011) Changing a number of governors without having any woman among them was disappointing and contradictory to the principles of citizenship, justice and equality – principles which the 25th of January revolution demanded. It was especially disappointing as there was an announcement that for the first time there will be a woman governor. This exclusion occurred after women participated effectively in all phases of the revolution and after they were present side by side with men in Tahrir Square.
The appointment of male governors raised questions about the Tunisian Revolution; was the Tunisian revolution inspiring for the Egyptian people? When will we follow Tunisia in their progressive vision and their future plan which is based on the principle of citizenship? For Tunisia appreciated women’s effective role in the revolution; this led to its success. This was seen when the High Commission issued a decree stipulating that women should constitute half of the members of the National Constituent Assembly. This decree has been issued in order to achieve the objectives of the revolution, to continue the political reform and the democratic transition. Thus, is the Egyptian woman, with her history, not like the Tunisian woman? Is she to be excluded from being appointed as governor and excluded, as she was earlier, from several committees which had been formed during and after the revolution?
Did the Egyptian revolution erupt to take the Egyptian women a step backwards?
The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights is worried that this exclusion may be intentional with the pretext that now is not the convenient time to talk about women’s rights.
Therefore, ECWR calls on the Military Council and Dr. Sharaf’s cabinet to:

  • Stress the prevailing of the principle of citizenship; women should be represented equally in all phases of drawing Egypt’s future because she plays an effective role in society.
  • Bear in mind women’s fair representation in all leading positions.
  • We call on the Military Council and Dr. Sharaf’s cabinet to take clear action towards women’s participation, and towards ensuring women’s rights in laws in general and in public positions in particular.
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