Female president of Kosovo, a Muslim country, saves Islam from being hijacked by the Salafis

The news of appointing a female president in Kosovo, a Muslim country, comes as an answer to the controversy in
Egypt and in the Arab World on women’s rights in Islam to ascend senior positions.
Atifete Jahjaga is 36 years old. Therefore, appointing her as a president affirms the trust in youth, and combines knowledge and work experience. In addition, she is the first and youngest female president, who does not belong to political party, after the independence of Kosovo three years ago.

This step came at a time in which there are still many scientists who discuss whether women could bear the psychological and physical burdens of this position and other positions such as governor or judge. It came also at a time when the Egyptian and Arab society as a whole is concerned with the allegations that women’s voice is not allowed to be heard, and that women should wear “rightful” clothes.

The conservative powers in the Arab world, which use their oil wealth, made the Arab world lost in the interpretations of Ibn Taimia and other scholars with conservative trends. These powers have the ability to hijack Islam and to export a bad image of Islam to the world. Thus, it became necessary for all Muslims to combat these powers and to achieve the victory of the true Islam that supports women in the religious discourse and considers her as a complete eligible citizen with all rights. We also have to reconsider the religious discourse and to spread the true teachings of Islam.

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