ECWR refuses transferring the activist “Asma’a Mahfouz” and other activists to the Military Courts

Asma'a Mahfouz

ECWR expresses its deeply worry concerning the investigation with the activist “Asma’a Mahfouz” – a member of AL Tayar Al Masry Party and Ex-leader in the 6th of April youth movement. The military prosecutor summoned Ms. Mahfouz in the case No. 55/2011 to hear her statments about what she had published on her page at the both social networks (facebook & twitter) and accused her of insulting the military council and spreading rumors which would threaten the social peace which damages the country’s interests.

ECWR expresses its rejection of the military trials for civilians, which is a repression of the opinion and expression’s freedom for which the 25th of January youth revolution
fought, and a return back to the systematic repression methods and terror for the activists and politicians like what was happening in the past regime.

ECWR sees that it is necessary to trial civilians in front of the normal judiciary and also expresses its fear from taking this procedure against the activist Asma’a Mahfouz is for her clear attitudes that critic some current policies of the Military Council.

ECWR demands to:

  1. Ensure that civilians won’t be transferred to the Military courts or the Military prosecutor
  2. The politicians, media stuff, journalists and right’s activists shouldn’t be summoned in front of the Military courts or the Military prosecutor
  3. Stop all military trails for civilians’ revolts and the demonstrators who were arrested since the revolution has been started untill now.
  4. Recognition of the right to freedom of opinion, expression, peaceful demonstrations and sit in which were ensured by the Constitutional declaration and the international charters and conventions.
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