Maintaining Happiness and Security during the Holiday Season

(Cairo, September 8th, 2010) There are several holidays, including the upcoming Fitr Eid that is particularly distinct in Egypt. Each city holds its own unique celebration and thus the country attracts tourists from around the Arab world during these holidays.

ECWR emphasizes the need to follow international standard procedures to ensure security over the holiday season during which crowds tend towards unruly behavior. We demand that concerned bodies take measures to ensure safety on popular streets for celebration, young peoples’ gatherings, public gardens, and in places that attract children. The concerned bodies include:

1) The Ministry of Interior

  •  Security patrols should be provided to ensure safety in the streets over the holiday. In instances in which people’s security or freedom has been compromised, those security patrols should have the power to enforce the law and file reports of incidents in the streets.
  • Special places in the police stations should be established to receive any complaints, particularly those concerning sexual harassment.
  • Fire trucks should be available in public places in case any unexpected problems occur in the crowd and in order to facilitate traffic.
  • A hotline should be established to respond to issues concerning safety in the streets.

2) The Ministry of Health and Population

  • Ambulances should be made available to provide medical assistance.
  • Doctors should be readily available in all medical centers and hospitals
  • A hotline should be established to receive and respond to any medical consultations or to provide any urgent request for health support and information.

3) The Ministry of Al Awqaf

  • The religious leaders should emphasize the moral values that respect privacy and freedom in their sermons during the holiday seasons. They should also raise awareness of the value of respecting cultural and religious differences and the equality of all people in order to ensure that all can feel comfortable during the holiday season.

4) Ministry of Media

  • The Ministry should announce that all concerned bodies are taking measures to ensure security during the holiday season for all Egyptians and visiting tourists.

ECWR wishes all a Happy Holiday Season
Best regards,
The campaign for “Making Our streets safe for Everyone”

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