A Training on “Staff administration of election day”

Participant in the Training Session on"Staff administration of election day"

The Egyptian center for women’s rights concluded the second and third training sessions for female candidates of People’s Assembly in all governorates on 10- 11 of November 2010 in Pyramiza Hotel in Cairo. The training sessions have been attended by 40 female candidates who represented (Nassery, free republican, liberal, El Wafd, NDP, El Ghad parties).Some of them nominated as independents and represented as well governorates (Fayoum, El Sharkia, El Gharbia, Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, Helwan, Aswan, Luxor, 6 of October, Suez, Red Sea, and North Sinai).

The events of 2 training sessions happened paralleling during 2 days.At the beginning of the first session, the trainer greeted the participants and asked them their names, jobs, governorates, parties, and ambitions.Then, the staff that organized the training introduced themselves and set rules of training. Later on, the trainer asked the candidates about their expectations for the two days of training.

In the second session, ECWR’s head Ms. Nehad Abu El-komsan gave a brief summary of ECWR’s efforts to support women’s political participation and its role in monitoring the elections from gender perspective, on the level of all constituencies where women are nominated since its establishment in 1996 till 2010. He also explained the center’s efforts in monitoring violations and breaches and to educate the public and decision makers through On the second day, the trainer focused on training the work team for Election Day. At the beginning, the trainer led a role-playing exercise as a way for candidates to express themselves and their ideas about the electoral program, and to how to convince people about it.

There were comments on each candidate’s performance so that they could improve in the future.In the second session, the focus was put on different characters’ types facing nominees in public meetings and how to deal with them. In the third session, the trainer dealt with the work team of nominees and ways of its management. Moreover, the role of each member is outreach programs and report-writing.

In the third session called “Managing an electoral campaign from a legal perspective,” the trainer focused on dates of the beginning of nomination, and discussed the process of electoral propaganda and legal procedures organizing to it since the beginning of submitting papers until the reelection day.

identified and how the head of the team can administer it. In the fourth session focused on problems facing candidates on the Election Day and how to overcome them.The training events were completed by setting an evaluation to monitor advantages and disadvantages, and spreading certificates of appreciation from the center to nominees.

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