Why Obama supports Morsi?!

(Cairo, July, 7, 2013) Egypt’s news were on the headlines of the American news agency CNN under the title “a disaster in Egypt” in reference to the uprising of the Egyptian people and the human flood that went out against Morsi. In fact, the disaster is not in Egypt, but in America, it is Obama’s disaster and his Democratic Party that built its assumptions against the Republicans on containing Political Islam instead of fighting against them; therefore, they promised the American people in the platform to end war and bring their siblings back home. Obama’s main bet was on the Muslim Brotherhood which he thought of as the moderate Islam that could be enhanced to withdraw terrorists via politics and not through bombings which turned out to be a failure.

Therefore the American position is an attempt to support Obama and not Morsi; this position could be seen in:

  • Trying to create a situation on the ground which is similar to the Yemeni case where the pro and anti Morsi masses are mobilized on the streets. And in case of reaching this situation, the biggest winner becomes Mohamed Morsi because which differentiates him from Ali AbduAllah Saleh is that he is elected after a revolution. However, this is a failed attempt that will end the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Pressuring the Egyptian Army through threatening to cut the military aid as if the Egyptian army totally depends on this aid !
  • CNN divides the screen between El Tahrir and Rabaa’ El Adawiya while denying 62 other protests in all the cities and villages all over Egypt in order to create a public opinion in America and the rest of the world that Morsi is strong.
  • To advise the Muslim Brotherhood to change the faces of the protestors in Rabaa El Adawya who look like Afghan terrorisms and introduce new faces such as women (preferably unveiled) which happened suddenly parallel to the speech of President Morsi which was aired and for the first time we saw the bearded men stepping back from the stage in Rabaa’ El Adawya and a young women who is not veiled and wearing pants appeared because this is the image that is needed for the American and not the Egyptians.

In fact, Obama will pay a severe price-more than he can imagine- of his bias towards Morsi. Neither the Army nor the Egyptian People will be threatened by the aid cuts, the Egyptians can bear hunger, but can’t beat insult or betrayal.

So, Morsi has fallen and we all go out to confirm this. Egypt will succeed in reshaping its relationship with the Americans and the world on an equal footing and not guardianship or dependency because we insist on that. And given that the police and the army protected the people, we will protect them through our souls and neither the army nor the people need the aid We will win – by peace protecting whatever the price

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