Out of the Powder Keg (full report)

About guarantees taken by these countries to make sure that women are fairly represented, some of these countries electoral laws like Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Uganda allocated a Quota for women, other countries like Rwanda, Somalia, and South Sudan’s constitutions state that there must be a Quota for women. It is worth mentioning that countries with high rates of women’s representation in the Parliament allocated a certain number of seats for women in their Parliaments, while countries like Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia settled for allocating a Quota for candidates (without specifying women’s order in a electoral list for political parties in elections, this lead to declination of women’s presence in the Parliament from 12 percent in the 2010 Parliament in Egypt to only two percent in the 2011/2012 Parliament)
If Egyptian women’s participation in political life was compared to women’s participation in political life in the Arab World, International Parliamentary Union reports last March indicate that Egyptian women’s participation is very low compared to other women in Arab countries’ participation.

The following diagram shows
A comparison between women’s representation in the dissolved Egyptian Parliament and representation in other Arab countries’ Parliaments

The previous diagram shows that Algeria comes first regarding women’s representation in the Parliament with a percentage of 31.6 %, followed by Tunisia with a percentage of 26.7 %, then South Sudan with 26.5 %, Iraq with 25.2 %, followed by Sudan with 24.6 %, Saudi Arabia 19.9%, United Arab Emirates 17.5 %, Morocco of 17 %, Libya with 16.5 %, then Jordan with 12.2 %, then Bahrain by 10%, then Kuwait with 6.2 %, then Egypt with 2 %, Oman with 1.2 %, Then Yemen with 0.3 % and finally Qatar with 0 %.

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