Renewal of the Membership of Nehad Aboul Komsan in the UN women 2012 Women Global Civil Society Advisory Group

the UN Women Global Civil Society Advisory Group

(Cairo, March 5th, 2014) Nehad Abo El-Komsan, a lawyer and women’s rights expert, has received a letter to extend her membership in the UN Women Global Civil Society Advisory Group for two years ends in 2015.
It is worth mentioning that The Advisory Group aims to facilitate dialogue between the UN women and the civil society. Additionally, the Advisory Group provides strategic horizons on the advocacy of gender equality and women’s enhancement as well as the priorities of UNWomen.
The Advisory Group consists of 23 members from 21 countries all over the world. Mrs. Nehad Abo El-Komsan was appointed in 2011 and her membership was ended in 2013. Due to her important role and meaningful participation; her membership was extended to a further period which ends in 2015.

Media coverage:

جريدة الجمهورية
جريدة الوطن
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