ECWR organized the second meeting of the Egyptian Women & Media Forum

nehad aboul komsan and doria shafiq

(Cairo, April 18th, 2014) ECWR organized the second meeting of the Egyptian Women & Media Forum in order to discuss two of the most important issues raised on the scene now which are the Violence against Women and the Occupational Safety to Journalists. In the framework of ‘The Egyptian Women and Media Forum’ Initiative that was launched by ECWR last month. This initiative aims to make available all information, data, and statistics regarding women’s issues and civil society.
Mrs. Nehad Abou El-Komsan, ECWR’s Chairwoman, raised some policies to combat sexual harassment in education, and work especially after the spread of this phenomenon dramatically in all institutions especially the educational and work.
Mrs. Abou El-Komsan confirmed the need to establish offices to confront the sexual harassment inside the workplaces and educational institutions to receive the sexual harassments complaints while maintaining the privacy of who submitted a report in addition to provide the technical and financial support to them and make sure of the validity of complaints.
Mrs. Nehad ended her speech saying the deterrent punishment is the one is applied and not severe. As, there are civil penalties include treatment of the problem next to provide services to the society.
As, Mrs. Amina Shafik confirmed the need for the provision of occupational safety to media professionals. There is a must to establish integrated system to achieve the occupational safety. First, the media professionals whether media or journalists should unify their lines and their words. They should agree upon specific demands are pursued. Also, the Syndicate of Journalists and Syndicate of Media Professionals should cooperate with the government to provide suitable protection system for journalists and media professionals, along with the necessitate of preparing trainings courses to equip the journalists and the media professionals in order to provide media coverage to the dangerous events. In addition to, appropriate cloths such as ‘Lead Protection Clothing’ should be provided to protect the media professionals of death during performing their missions which are providing press coverage to the news.

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