18 candidates in the run-off for the second elections’ phase

Cairo December 1st, 2015

18 candidates in the run-off for the second elections’ phase
The candidates compete in mobilizing female voters

As the Operations Room of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) continues monitoring the parliamentary elections from a gender-perspective, it has been following closely the run-offs that started on the 1st of December in the following governorates:
Cairo, Qalioubiya, Daqahliya, Menoufiya, Gharbiya, Kafr El-Sheikh, Sharqiya, Damietta, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, North Sinai, and South Sinai governorates.
At this stage of the elections, 18 female candidates out of the 426 candidates (4.22%) are competing over the independent candidates’ seats. However, the competition on the party-list seats was resolved from the first round for “In love for Egypt” list wining.
The 18 candidates competing in the run-offs are; four in Cairo, three in Daqahliya, five in Sharqiya, two in Gharbiya , two in Qalioubiya, one in Port Said and one in Damietta.
14 out of the 18 candidates are independent candidates and only 4 are supported by political parties. One of the four candidates supported by political parties is supported by Wafd Party, two supported by the Free Egyptians Party, and one by the Democratic Peace Party.
The following table show more details about the 18 candidates;

Candidates Constituency Governorate Party Affiliation
1 Fatma Sayed Mohamed Hassan Naoot Heliopolis & Nozha

Cairo Wafd

2 Mona Gab-Allah Abdullah Ghaly Monshaat Naser & Gamalyah Free Egyptians


4 Dina abdel-Aziz Mohamed El-Sayed
Manal Khalifa
Helwan & Maasrah
5 Inas Abdel-Halim Madint El-Mansoura Daqahliya
Free Egyptians
6 Amal Hassan Hassan Ahmed Tarabeeh Mnyat El-Nasr Independent
7 Leila El-Refaay Aga Independent
8 Eman Salem Mohamed Salem Khedr Zagazig & Kanayat
9 Sahar Ahmed Fekry Othman Mashtool & Al-sook
10 Abeer El-Sayed Mahmoud Mnya El-Kamh
Nosylah Ismail Ahmed Swaillam
Malak Ali Gomaa Salama Fakos
Kafr Sakr

14 Amal Ibrahim Abdel-Hameed

Naamat Rashed Mohamed Ahmed Kamr Kafr El-Zayat
Gharbiya Independent


Madint Al-Mahala
15 Ghada Sakr Madint & Markz Damietta Damietta Independent

17 Vivian Adly Ghabrial

Soraya Mohamed Ismail Awel Shobra El-Khima
Thany Shobra El-Khima

Qalioubiya Democratic Peace

18 Rania El-Sadat 3rd constituency Port Said Independent

The first day of the run-offs witnessed low turnout in general with the women and the elderly having the highest rate.
It should be noted that the candidates compete in mobilizing the female voters in the tuk-tuk vehicles, in addition to buying their votes for the candidates’ interests.
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