With a Great success … Launching the Radio Program She & Her Sisters

As part of Women’s Voices Program funded by UN Women- Fund for Gender Equality; the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) cooperated with Radio Sawt El Arab to launch the radio program titled “She& Her Sisters”. This program aims to support the Egyptian women and discuss the issues that affect the society in general and women in particular such as the political empowerment for women and their participation in the local councils and the parliament, economic empowerment, the importance of the work for women and the extent of their participation in the labor force, women’s rights in Islam, in addition to the importance of acquiring the different soft skills such as time management.

This is done through a daily message provided by NehadAbolKomsan, ECWR’s chairwoman, via Radio Sowt Al-Arab at 10:00 AM, over 30 episodes throughout the month of Ramadan. The message is followed by a riddle through a question about a significant issue to women’s rights, and the answers are received via ECWR phone number.

Through the Program, each episode message is delivered in a simple way and informal language. It also depends on life stories and situations that frequently occur to women.

The first episode addressed the importance of time management and prioritization in particular in house management. It also stressed the importance of the participatory approach in life and family management through the division of home responsibilities amongall the family members for making a successful family life based on participation. To listen the first episode, please visit https://soundcloud.com/user-160861507/y5rcws60lylw

Kindly be noted, the episodes are in Arabic.

In its 30 episodes, the Program will address number of topics related to economic empowerment, the importance of the work of women, how to start small and medium-sized enterprises, the entities provide financial & technical support and financial and non-financial services. It also will address political participation for women, the role of local councils, the importance of women’s participation in the local councils, women’s quota as stated in the Constitution. Additionally, the program will discuss the participation in the public life including board members of sporting clubs, and the effective role for female parliamentarians in the parliament. Some episodes will address the women’s rights in Islam at the level of family and the finical independence of women and the right to work and to the political participation.   The program as well uses Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad to support women’s rights. The Program also tackles the issue of violence against women especially the domestic violence and FGM and their consequences of women and the family.

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