The status of Egyptian women in 2012

The Egyptian center for women's rights reports

2012.. Women get out to the streets

While the center provides this year’s status report of Egyptian women, it faced a number of challenges the most important of it is the scarcity of information and statistics about the situation of women; Most writings expressed admiration to the Egyptian women presence or the astonishment of the size of their participation in public work, from which she was far for decades.

As for the approved research institutions, it seem that they are, similar to Egypt, facing many problems that made the intellectual production and monitoring so modest compared with the previous years, so there is not available statistics or sufficient analytical writings to help us. The center, like many human rights and women organizations in Egypt, was also under intense pressure from the Ministry of Social Affairs such as the disagreement on many of the center’s programs or delays in the issuance of approvals for more than a year to limit the NGOs activities or paralyze them. This situation made the report depend on a limited number of researchers who exerted tremendous efforts in research and document, hoping that the center can introduce a useful report on Egyptian Women in 2012, so would you please excuse us for any disadvantages.
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