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12% Women’s Share in the Mehleb’s Government Violation of the Constitution

(Cairo March 2nd, 2014) Egyptian women took part in great numbers in the Revolution of 25 January 2011 and its course correction on 30 June 2013. In fact, Egyptian women have been the mainstay of the political arena over previous years, braving the politically motivated abuse directed at them, such as the sexual harassment of female political activists and of … Continue reading

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ECWR completely Refuses the Draft of Constitution

Cancellation of the Articles of Women’s Rights is a planned aggression on the Egyptian Women (Cairo, November 8, 2012) In the light of intimidating the Egyptian women and seeking to attack their rights by some dominant mainstream in the constituent assembly of the constitution, the Egyptian society got shocked due to the announcement, on behalf of some members of the … Continue reading

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After Egypt’s joy of freedom since the revolution of the 25th of January Calls for Eid Fitr without Harrasment and the Governor of Giza spoil the Egyptian family joy of Al Eid

(Cairo, 27 August 2011) The celebrations of Eid al Fitr this year 2011 have special taste for the joy of the Egyptian people of freedom after the elimination of the corrupt regime. Eid Al Fitr in Egypt is different where celebrations with a special character are held in all cities in Egypt and is considered as a source to attract … Continue reading

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Egypt’s youth and the faux reformers

The call of the young has resonated in Egyptian hearts. In less than three weeks, it has changed our political life and made us recover values that had been decimated by years of oppression. But as Egypt looks forward to crafting a democratic future, a few things should be understood about its revolution There are two groups in Egypt: the … Continue reading

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