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The Most Difficult Choice between Human Rights and the Political!

By: Nehad Abolkomsan In an unprecedented event, the minister of interior invited a number of human rights experts to consult them about the dispersal of Raba’a and El Nahda sit-ins. The experts warned him from the great risks of losses in lives on the internal national level as well as the international level. On the national level and despite the … Continue reading

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Sexual harassment against women

Ibrahim Issa T.v show focus on the sexual harassment against women in public places

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نهاد أبو القمصان: اليوم مر به عدد كبير من التجاوزات

يوم حافل بالاتهامات من جانب المعارضة ومنظمات المراقبة والتي أعلنت أن أول صوت في الاستفتاء على دستور مصر القادم هو صوت الرئيس محمد مرسي خرج مشكوك في شرعيته.. حيث أدلى بصوته أمام لجنة غير مقيد بها بخلاف ما أثير عن تصويت خيرت الشاطر رغم حرمانه سياسيا ..

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The Status of Egyptian Women in 2011

The Egyptian Women between the Wings of the Revolution and Stripping the Reality Edited by Nehad Aboul Komsan, Chair of ECWR – Prepared by ECWR Research Unit Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice were the key words of the 25th of January 2011 Revolution, which was started by the Egyptian youth and later joined by the men and women from all … Continue reading

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The crisis of ministry council incident and the ongoing political situation

A dialogue on the event of ministry council and the ongoing political situation. The anchor, Aida Saudi, hosted Mrs. Nehad Abu Al Komsan, the head of ECWR and Phd. Hazeem Abd Al Azeem, a blogger and political activist. حوار حول أحداث مجلس الوزراء والوضع السياسى الحالى و حوار مع كلا من أ/نهاد أبو القمصان مدير المركز المصرى لحقوق المرأة و … Continue reading

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