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ECWR has welcomed the decision of the Ministry of Interior to establish a special unit in police stations to combat the violence against women

This unit will be specialized in research and investigation of all forms of sexual harassment, beating of women and any other form of violence against Egyptian women. This decision came as a result of the demand of our campaign “Safe Streets for everyone”, which was initiated by the ECWR in 2005 to combat sexual harassment in Egypt. On the legal … Continue reading

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Targeting Cultural Change in Repressive Environments

The Campaign against Sexual Harassment in Egypt This paper examines the ECWR’s multi-faceted campaign to combat sexual harassment from 2005 to 2008. A timeline of the organization’s major events during this period is presented in Table 1. In examining the campaign mobilization, its framing of the issue, and its tactical repertoire, theoretical insight comes primarily from the literature on high-risk … Continue reading

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فيلم – قطع إيدك (التحرش الجنسى)

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Egypt’s interior ministry to launch new efforts to battle sexual harassment

CAIRO: In an effort to crackdown on the rising number of attacks against women across Egypt, the ministry of interior has announced it will boost security patrols in the country aimed at confronting sexual harassment. It comes on the heels of numerous mob attacks of women in the country, including at protests, but activists tell Bikyamasr.com that while they hope … Continue reading

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Sexual harassment against women

Ibrahim Issa T.v show focus on the sexual harassment against women in public places

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Very important film … How children may respond to sexual harassment

فى أطار حملة شارع امن للجميع قام المركز المصرى لحقوق المرأة بأعداد فيلم كارتون الاطفال للتوعية بظاهرة التحرش الجنسي ومخاطرها وكيفية مواجهتها  

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Publications of Sexual Harassment campaign

Why Are We Here? One of sexual harassment publications that were distributed at the May 18th, 2007 event in Sakyat El-Saway Culture Wheel. It contains stories about women who experienced harassment, a summary of ECWR’s campaign activities and objectives, background information on the beginning of the sexual harassment campaign, and what have to do if you are harassed. TAKE ACTION … Continue reading

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Leaflet on Political Participation

The leaflet addresses the concept of political participation; the importance of women’s participation in political life; the meaning of an individual-based voting system; what is a campaign platform; how many members are in the People’s Assembly; the difference between the seat for laborers/farmers and the seat for others; the People’s Assembly term limits; the role of the People’s Assembly; the … Continue reading

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Nine training for teachers withing the “Safe streets for everyone” campaign

To Protect our Children from Sexual Harassment nine Training for Teachers Under the Framework of the “Safe Streets for Everyone” Campaign In order to protect our children from sexual harassment and to raise awareness in schools of teachers and parents, ECWR held its Nine training for teachers on November 30- 1 December , 2012 for 23 male and female teachers … Continue reading

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مصر جابت ستات لازم يعيشوا بكرامة .. في بلدنا بالمصري

مصر ولادة بصحيح.. ويا زين ما خلفت من ستات جدعان وبنات بلد يساووا تقلهم دهب وياقوت ومرجان.. قطع الايد اللي تتمد عليهم او تمس شعرة منهم.. وقطع اللسان اللي يطول عليهم بكلمة كدة ولا كدة.. و ما عاش ولا كان اللي ييجي عليهم او على حقهم في عيشة حرة كريمة في البلد ديه تليق بمقامهم.. وقال على راي المثل: صاحب … Continue reading

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