Rights not Promises Release on Women’s Needs in Egypt To the Presidential Candidates

Set of women’s rights and the measures needed to be the followed to achieve them

On the Political Level:

  • Women should participate in the founding committee of the constitution by no less than 35% (one third) and the participants have to be selected on the basis of efficiency.
  • Assuring that the electoral system is based on the proportional list and that women’s representation is not less than 35% on the lists in all the elected councils, so that women’s representation will be guaranteed according to efficiency. In addition, making sure that women participate in all the elected councils.
  • Empowering women in political parties, their participation should not be restricted to a certain committee, secretariat or position. In order for women to participate in political parties. In addition, taking all measures to compel parties to nominate women given that any party should present no less than 35 % for the nominated women of the elected councils.
  • Supporting and training the female youth leaders who are eager to participate in the elections

On the Economic Level:

  • Studying and assessing women’s participation in the economy and the informal labor market. Furthermore, assessing housewives’ contribution to the economy and providing health and social insurance for them.
  • Emphasizing on and taking the needed measures to ensure that women can occupy all the positions based on the equal citizenship and participation principle given the efficiency and professionalism.
  • Eradicating discrimination against women in the labor market by providing training and equal work opportunities.
  • Paying attention to women who run households and empowering them via small enterprises with consideration of exempting women from taxes exactly like men.
  • Providing social services that support workingwomen such as good nurseries to protect women’s reproduction role in the society.


On the Educational level:

  • Filtering the educational curriculum from discrimination against women and modifying it, so that women’s image shall be improved and respected in the society.
  • Women must work in decision-making positions, especially when it comes to developing the curriculum at the ministry of education.
  • Paying attention to eradicating illiteracy effectively and force fines on those who drop out from schools.
  • Include gender education within the curriculum and ensuring the representation of good female role models who are active in public participation
  • Teaching human rights and gender sensitivity curriculum in the higher education

On the Legal Level:

  • Filtering the laws from all the forms of violence and discrimination against women
  • Modifying the personal status law and family law to abide by the principles of equality and justice in the Islamic “Sharia”
  • Paying attention to enacting laws and implementing them on everybody from different categories to enforce the equality before the law principle in a democratic society whilst eliminating the use of connections.
  • Increasing the penalties on violence crimes especially those that are related to rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence.
  • Reforming the Family Court.

On the Media Level:

  • Putting in place a work plan strategy for women’s issues that shall change the culture of discrimination and the perception of women’s inferiority in the media and the society. In addition, improving the image of women in the media and drama.
  • Letting go of the typical image of women and paying attention to the actual women and ensuring their presence as political and economic experts to highlight the image of women’s mentality and show that they are active and present.
  • Activating the role of media in spreading women’s issues and highlighting their role in different revolutions like Tunisia and France. And their role in rebuilding Germany after its defeat in war.
  • Cooperating with the media and providing it with information; and not only being partners, but monitoring the content that the media offers as well.
  • Building partnerships between the civil society and the media

On the Religious Level:

  • Emphasizing on the role of the modern religious discourse that addresses the social relationships and ethics. This shall promote the human rights principles and respect of diversity
  • Spreading and supporting the positive religious ethics and morality of respecting the other in the society.
  • Reforming the Religious discourse on women

On the level of Egyptian Women Abroad:

  • Activating the role of embassies and consulates to protect Egyptians abroad, especially women
  • Qualifying working women before travelling abroad and assuring that the travel with contracts that has safe working conditions

Mrs. Nehad Abou El Komsan; the head of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights ECWR, declared that these demands have been identified based on 54 seminars that were held by ECWR in cooperation with the Egyptian Alliance for Women’s Participation that includes 450 NGOs. In addition, the seminars were attended by nearly 7000 woman who represented women from different categories and governorates

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