Women in Democratic Transition

Women in Democratic Transition


Egyptian women played a major role in the recent events that took place in the country starting with the 25 January revolution. Aiming at encouraging women to play their part in the democratic transition process in Egypt, “Women in Democratic Transition” project was initiated. “Women in Democratic Transition” is a partnership project between the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) and the United Nations Democracy Fund. The project was initiated in November 2013 and expected to end in April 2015.

The objective of the project is served through effectively increasing women’s participation in the decision-making process by increasing women’s representation in the political parties, Parliament, elected Councils and filling the information gap concerning women in the media.

The project focuses on three main areas:

Policy Advocacy
Advocacy and implementation of policies to increase the representation of women in Parliament, Local Councils and party leadership positions.

Capacity Building
Developing the leadership potential of women by training them to use political channels to strategize, discuss and react to changes affecting women.

Raising awareness amongst the media and the electorate through the positive portrayal of women in the media, especially on TV, as well as through advocacy campaigns to support women’s rights


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