Success Story “She & Her Sister” Radio Show

Media has been one of the very important tools that Women’s Voices Programme has been relying on to get its message circulated and conveyed to the largest proportion of the Egyptian public. With this regard, the Programme has been very keen on using both classical and social media to both raise the awareness of the general public about the importance of female political participation and guide women who are willing to be engaged politically, but they lack the skills and tools.

Given that, Radio is one tools utilized by the Programme. The radio was chosen due to the crucial role it plays, especially in rural and less developed parts of Egypt where the social media has not yet fully penetrated.  Egypt has around 75 radio stations, most of which are state-owned. In spite of the lack of official data, it was estimated that radio penetration rate is between 17% and 19%, amounting to around 17 million persons listen to radio on daily basis….More 

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