Restorative Justice: How Law Protects Women?!

Prepared By

Nehad Abul Komsan

“Restorative Justice” is one of the series of “A.B Law” booklets that has been prepared by ECWR since 1997 in order to simplify legal concepts and raise the awareness of the whole society, especially women.

Restorative Justice” discusses the concept of violence against women and its forms. It includes a number of international conventions is dedicated to the rights of women and calls for the need to protect them. In an analytical way that reveals the reality and reviews the legislation, the booklet tackles a number of articles in the Family Code, the Penal Code, the Labor Code and the Civil Code. Also, the booklet presents the efforts of civil society to improve the legal and regulatory framework of violence against women. In the conclusion, the booklet puts its recommendations for improving the legal system to address violence against women.

Please click here to read the Arabic version.


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